Parenthood 😵‍💫

I’ve started to write this post several times and just not known how to start, or just felt weary and also not really knowing why I’m writing it, but feeling the need. So I’m going to start and it might take some time to finish.   Anyway…parenting is the most tiring and heart-wrenching job there …

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This is my husband Hansel in his natural habitat on a Sunday afternoon. He’s a good guy . It’s his desire to become a better husband, a better father and overall a more loving and unselfish human being. This is a great thing to strive for and I’m thankful that’s the desire of his heart. …

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Children’s Treasure Bag + link to free crochet pattern 👑


Mums…Grandmas…Aunties….do your favourite little people love to carry around their treasured possessions wherever they go? These beautiful little crochet pouches are perfect for just that. They have a drawstring closure which serves as a carry handle when closed and is easy for little hands to open and close. The perfect size for little girls and boys to …

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100% Cotton Washcloths with free crochet patterns🫧

Let’s talk about crochet cotton washcloths. These are one of my most popular items! For your face, your body, even your countertops. Once you’ve used them, you probably won’t want to go back to your standard store bought variety of washers or kitchen cloths.  They have great texture that feels so nice on your skin …

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Hi everyone   I’m Wendy. This is my very first  blog post! I started my blog in the hope it would get my brand a little more well-known, so I can sell more of my items,  so I would be able to buy more yarn so I can crochet more stuff. Aside from loving to …

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