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Are you needing to take your water bottle along with you and don’t have a bag to accommodate it? Have a look at these amazingly coloured bottle bags that are a delight to look at.ย 

There are 3 colour variations to choose from with more on the way. A perfect gift for friend or loved one.

The yarn used is 100% cotton, easy to care for with a cool gentle machine wash and can be tumble dried low or laid flat to dry. Purchase the finished product below.

The Freedom water bottle holder is made using Abbey Road Freedom yarn and uses these simple stitches:

  • (ch) chain
  • (sc) single crochet
  • (hdc) half double crochet
  • (dc) double crochet
  • It can be completed in a couple of hours.

You will find the free pattern below or you may purchase the pdf version โฌ‡๏ธย for a small fee.

Freedom Bottle Bag

Yarn: Abbey Road Freedom

Hook: 4.25mm

General Instructions

Ch2 at beginning of each row does not count as a stitch.

Slip stitch to join at the end of each row.

Pattern Instructions

Row 1

Magic Ring, ch2, 11dc into ring. Ss to join 11st

Row 2

Ch2. 2 dc in same st and then 2dc in each st around. Ss to join 22st

Row 3

Ch2,ย  dc in same st. *2 dc in next st, 1dc in next st. repeat from * around. Ss to join 33st

Row 4

Ch2, dc in same st, dc in next st, *2dc in next stitch, dc in next 2 st repeat from * around. Ss to join. 44st

Row 5

Ch1, sc in blo of same st. sc in blo all the way around. Ss to join. 44st

Row 6

Ch2, dc in same st and all the way round. Ss to join

Row 7 – 9

Repeat row 6

Row 10

Ch2, dc in the same st then *ch1, sk next st, dc in next 2 st. Repeat from * all the way round, ending on a ch1 and skip. Although the ch2 does not count as a stitch it will look like one in the pattern.

Row 11 -13

Repeat row 10

Row 14

Ch2, dc in same st, *dc in ch1 sp, dc in next 2 st. repeat from * all the way round. Ss to join

Row 15

Repeat row 6

Row 16 -19

Repeat row 10

Row 20

Repeat row 14

Row 21

Repeat row 6



Bottle Bag Strap

Row 22

Ch1, hdc in same st and next 3 stitches. Ch1 and turn

Row 23

Hdc across (4stitches) Ch1 and turn

Row 24

Repeat row 23 until strap is the length you like – I did 150 plus 1 more row so the crochet hook was on the correct side to sc it to the top of the bag.


Place the strap opposite the beginning strap, right sides together to the top of the bag and sc through each st to attach.

Weave in ends.ย 

You can add extra strength to the join by weaving in ends between the strap and the bag.




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