Mesh Style Market Bag + Free Crochet Pattern or PDF 🍎

If you are needing some smaller hand held bags to take to the market or just to the grocery store for a few items these bags may be for you. 

The bag has a compact stitch on the base so smaller items won’t slip through and then a mesh stitch which will expand and then an even larger mesh stitch through the central portion of the bag for added room.


It will comfortably hold a few kg of produce.
The bags are approximately 11½” long x 10″ (29cm x 25½cm) wide across the centre of the bag lying flat and unstretched. There will be some variation for each as they are handmade and they will stretch out considerably more.

I have 10 different colours available that you can see and purchase here.

The yarn used is a 50:50 cotton/acrylic blend with a warm wash recommended. Do not tumble dry.

The addition of acrylic to the fibre helps give extra stretch and the ability to bounce back after being stretched out as well.

The market bag has been crocheted using 

  • (ch) chain
  • (sc) single crochet
  • (dc) double crochet
  • (sl st) slip stitch
  •  The yarn I have used is Spotlight’s 4 Seasons brighton ombre. 
  • You will find the free pattern below or you may purchase the pdf version ⬇️ for a small fee.

Mesh Style Market/Produce Bag

Yarn: 4 Seasons Brighton Cotton Blend 

Hook: 4.5mm

General Instructions

Ch3 at beginning of each row from 1-7 counts as a stitch.

Slip stitch to join at the end of each row.

Pattern Instructions

Row 1

Magic circle. Ch3 then 11 dc in loop.

Row 2

Ch 3. 2dc in each stitch around.


Row 3

ch 3, dc in same st, 1dc in next st, * 2dc in next st then 1dc. Repeat from *

Row 4

ch3, dc in same st, 1dc in next 2st,*2dc in next st then 1dc in next 2st. Repeat from*

Row 5

ch3, dc in same st, 1dc in next 3st, *2dc in next st then 1dc in next 3st . Repeat from*

Row 6

ch3, dc in same st, 1dc in next 4st, *2dc in next st then 1dc in next 4st. Repeat from*

Row 7

ch3 ,dc in same st, 1dc in next 5st, *2dc in next st then 1dc in next 5st. Repeat from*

Row 8

*ch4, miss 2st, sc in next st. Repeat from * ss to base of ch4 at end.

Row 9

ss to middle of first loop. *ch4, sc in next 4ch loop. Repeat from * around. Continue in a round now using a stitch marker as you go to keep track of rows.

Row 10 to 14:

Repeat row 9

Row 15 to 21:

Continue in the round. *6ch, sc in the next 4ch loop. Repeat from * to end.

Row 22 to 27:

Continue in the round. *4ch, sc in the next 6ch loop. Repeat from * to end.

Row 28

*ch2, sc in next ch4 loop. Repeat from * to end. ss at base of first ch2 loop.

Row 29

Ch2 (does not count as a st) 1dc in same st, *2dc in ch2 loop, 1dc in sc. Repeat around to end and ss to join in first st.

Row 30

CREATE HANDLES Ch2, 1dc in same st, dc in next 8st, 24ch, miss 23sts, dc in 24th st and next 17sts, 24ch, miss 23sts ,dc in 24th st and rem 10 sts, ss to join.

Row 31

Ch2, dc in same st and each st around, ss to close.

Row 32

Ch1, sc in each st around, ss to join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Please leave me a comment ⬇️ if you find any problem with the pattern and I will endeavour to correct it 😁

Thank you and enjoy!!



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