100% Cotton Handmade Dog/Cat Bandana Neck Tie, Scarf


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100% cotton, crochet, handmade bandana for your pooch or kitty.
Natural cotton will help to not generate unwanted extra heat where other synthetic fabrics can cause discomfort-so you can still add a little style to the life of your friend without making them uncomfortable ??
Button and loop closure for easy placement and removal.

To choose the size you will need, please measure the circumference of your doggie’s/cat’s neck at the place you imagine the bandana will sit and choose the closest size to that. Smaller size if you’re looking for a more snug fit. Larger if you like a looser fit. There is a bit of stretch to the top edge of the bandana so it will loosen up with wear. Please take that into consideration when choosing sizes.

9 inch neck size is 5 inches deep
11 inch neck size is 6 inches deep
13 1/2 inch neck size is 7 inches deep
16 inch neck size is 8 1/2 inches deep
18 inch neck size is 9 1/2 inches deep

There may be slight variations of measurements as each bandana is handmade.

For local pickup please contact me for a free shipping code.

Care Instructions:
Warm machine wash to 30?C
Do not bleach or tumble dry


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