Temperature Feature Mat -Unique Personalised Gift


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Are you looking for a unique personalised gift!!
Your decorative temperature feature mat will be made specifically to your significant date and place, with a colour palette of your choosing.
Perfect for:

* A birthday
* A wedding day
* A day of baptism

Any day that is uniquely special to the person for which you would like to have it made.
A perfect gift for new parents to remember the day their little one was born, or a personalised keepsake to put away.

Depending on the location in which your special occasion takes place, I can access weather information as far back as September 1994.

The Temperature Feature Mat will be approximately 46cm in diameter.
Along with your hand crocheted mat, you will receive a personalised foiled certificate with individual details and list of the hourly temperatures for the same day.

* Each mat will incorporate between approximately 6-8 colours depending on variations in temperatures. The colour palette is chosen first, then the different rings of colour are specific to different temperatures or variations, depending on how many variations throughout the 24hours.
* You may choose any 1 or 2 colours you like and I will choose the additional shades to complement that colour/colours.
* The rainbow spectrum is also an option if you like something super bright.
* If you have any more specific needs, I am happy to communicate more with you to discuss those needs.

Your mat can be machined washed and laid flat to dry. You may also use a warm iron on it.

** Order times have been set to approximately 6 weeks so I have sufficient time to source materials as well as complete the project.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries before purchase.


off, especially for you 🎁

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