Zooper Dooper/Icy Pole Sleeves with link to free crochet pattern🥶

It won’t be long before the kids…and maybe even mum and dad…will be munching on good old Zooper Doopers…unless they’ve started already!! 

These icy pole sleeves will stop your hands getting too frosty and they are open at both ends so you can position them wherever feels the most comfortable. 

Keep reusing and just throw them in the wash when they are looking a bit worse for wear. 

cotton-crochet-handmade-zooper-dooper-icy-pole-sleeve-cover copy
  • 100% cotton
  • Cold or warm machine wash and lay flat to dry.
  • They come in sets of four, and you can always swap the colours around if you like. 
  •  Check them out and purchase now!

The Zooper Dooper sleeves have been crocheted using 

  • (ch) chain
  • (hdc) half double crochet
  • (sl st) slip stitch

The yarn I have used is 4 Seasons Flinders cotton yarn.

You’ll find the free pattern here


off, especially for you 🎁

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