A little bit about me....

Hi everyone 👋

I’m Wendy….a 50ish yr old wife and mother of 3 and nanny of 2.

I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with my husband Hansel, my two teenage children, Daniel (Dan to his friends) and Rebekkah


(Bekkah to me) and Violet, our smelly but extremely loveable, staffy cross.

Our eldest daughter Stella, has been out of home for some time now and lives with her partner Chris and two children…. Evie and Hemloch, (my grandkids 😊

I grew up in Queensland and have lived in the Melbourne surrounds for the past 18 years which is as long as I’ve been married. I’ve come to love the colder weather and consider Melbourne home now.

As well as looking after my family and crocheting, I work part time as financial admin for Redemption Church, which is our church family. Through all its ups and downs, Redemption Church has been our family for the past 9 years now, which I feel very thankful for 🥰🙏

I started crocheting in one of the early lockdowns (I can’t really remember which one though) and haven’t stopped since. I started out making several  home items to send to people in our church to hopefully encourage them while they were isolated and  before I knew it I had so  many different things made, that I thought it would be fun to see if I could sell the things I love to make. So I started selling online and  just quite recently I have started taking my stuff to Bayswater Makers Market. I love going to the market monthly, and regardless of how well I do, I enjoy the company of the other stall-holders and the people who go to check out the market.


I hope you enjoy reading through my pages as I write more and I look forward to sharing more info on the products I’ve been making and we’ll see where my blogging takes me 😊 


I would love any comments or feedback you would like to share as well as any business or blogging tips you think I might benefit from. Feel free to comment below ⬇️

Thank you 👋


off, especially for you 🎁

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