Eco Cotton by Anette Eriksson – Yarn Review with link to beautiful!! FREE Stacked Shells Crop Top Pattern

anette eriksson eco cotton yarn balls


Eco Cotton by Anette Eriksson is a cotton blend yarn made in Turkey.

  • It is 85% cotton and 15% polyester.
  • It comes in 100g balls with 220m per ball and a 200g version as well.
  • Eco Cotton  and the Eco Cotton xl by Anette Eriksson sells for $9/$15 a ball at Spotlight, but is regularly on sale. 
  • The label recommends 5mm needles.
  • Gauge – 10″ x 10″ equals  22 rows by 17 stitches.
  • Spotlight has approximately 15 solid colours of Eco Cotton available, although it seems only a couple are in both versions.
  • The label recommends to warm machine wash and dry flat.
  • The weight of the yarn is not marked on the label, but I would say it’s a weight ‘3’ yarn or 8 ply/dk (double knit).

My Observations

The project I chose to review this yarn with is a little larger than what I generally would choose, but I started and just had to finish.

The Ravelry info for the pattern was very misleading in that it said I would only need 160m of yarn, but it was  nearly 2 balls…so roughly 400m !! Hence the 2 colours, but that is fine, coz I think I like the way it looks 😊

The pattern I chose is the Stacked Shells Crop Top by Dorianna Rivelli from The Lavender Chair, in the medium/large size.

  • At first look the Eco Cotton by Anette Eriksson is not much to look at, but I really did like the look of it crocheted up…and it feels nice and soft also. It may have something to do with the more decorative shell stitch pattern…not sure. I feel like this yarn would make the actual stitch pattern shine rather than the yarn itself.
  • It felt a little stiff to crochet with, but you get the hang of it as you go along.
  • There’s not a large variety of colours of the Eco Cotton to choose from, but I guess depending on what you are after it might be enough. I have found there is never a large variety in-store at Spotlight, but if you are happy to buy online and pay postage, they will send from all different stores. I have found that you cannot click and collect from Spotlight unless your pickup store actually has what you want in stock. A bit annoying really…but what can you do🤔.
  • I found that the recommended 5mm hook was just right.
  • The yarn only split a couple of times so wasn’t really a problem.


I washed the crop top at 30°C with a normal spin cycle and laid it flat on a clothes horse to dry. 

  • I feel like the yarn wasn’t really softer after washing, but I didn’t use a fabric softener also. For that matter I generally don’t use a washing powder or liquid when test washing either. Cotton is said to get softer with continued washing so I don’t think overall softness would be an issue in the long term.
  • It was quite a warm day and the yarn dried fairly quickly, so that was a plus.