Tahki Cotton Classic – Yarn Review with free crochet bookmark pattern

blue tahki cotton classic yarn


Tahki, Cotton Classic  is a 100% mercerised cotton yarn made in Greece.

  • It comes in a 50g hank of yarn with 100m per ball.
  • Tahki Cotton Classic is a cabled yarn and has a very similar look to LionBrand 24/7 Cotton.
  • I bought this hank on sale for $4.46, but it generally sells at around $6 at full price at knittingco.com.au
  • The label recommends 4mm size needles, with no specific crochet hook recommendation.
  • Gauge – 5 stitches to 1 inch.
  • Knitting Co has 21 beautiful, vibrant colours of the Tahki Cotton Classic listed. 
  • The label recommends a warm machine or hand wash.
  • Although the listing for the Tahki Cotton Classic has specified this yarn as a 10ply, the weight of the yarn is not actually marked on the label. As I said it is very much like the LionBrand 24/7 which is branded as a worsted weight, but after use I would definitely say it is more of an 8ply/dk weight.

So…I have never bought or used a hank of yarn before, so I probably should have googled how to prepare it…but I didn’t. 😭

I ended up with the biggest mess ➡️ i’ve ever had a ball of yarn in…that took me days to sort out, and even then I had to make a few cuts of the Tahki Cotton Classic. I was tempted to chuck it…but persevered.

Anyway…after all that, I crocheted a hair scrunchie, a bookmark and a swatch of triangle stitch with the Tahki Mercerised Cotton Classic yarn and noted the following.


My Observations

  • Always prepare your hank of yarn!! 🤣
  • I used a 3.75mm hook for the scrunchie and bookmark and a 5mm hook for the swatch of triangle stitch.
  • It’s very similar to crocheting with the Lion Brand 24/7 cotton, but definitely not as heavy.  
  • Because it is a finer weight the Tahki Cotton Classic is probably a bit more pliable than the Lion Brand 24/7 and has a better drape.
  • The sheen is beautiful!
  • The colours are nice and bright with beautiful stitch definition. 


  • I washed the swatch of Tahki Cotton Classic on a normal cycle with a cold wash and air dried it on a clothes horse and noted the following.
  • I was a bit surprised to find that the swatch of Tahki Cotton Classic did shrink a bit. Before washing it was 11.5cm wide x 8.5 high. Curiously, only the width shrank. Maybe something to do with the stitch. Anyway, it shrank .5 of a cm which equates to just under 4.5% shrinkage.
  • It didn’t  look any different and there was no effect on the sheen, which is nice.

In Summary

  • I really love the sheen and drape of Tahki Cotton Classic Mercerised yarn, and I would definitely buy it again for use in projects where a softer drape is more desirable. 
  • I think it would make lovely clothing items or bags and other ladies/girls accessories as well as decorative home wares. 

I’d love to know if you have any questions or opinions in the comments ⬇️.

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Cotton Classic by Tahki 100% Mercerized Cotton - Yarn Review with link to free crochet bookmark
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Cotton Classic by Tahki 100% Mercerized Cotton - Yarn Review with link to free crochet bookmark
Yarn review with free crochet bookmark pattern.
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