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Mona Lisa by Ice Yarns

Mona Lisa is a lovely 100% cotton yarn which was in a variety of beautiful colours, but it seems like they have not many variations left. So sad…i’m nearly out. If you know anywhere that sells this at a reasonable cost please comment below ⬇️ I would love to purchase some more.
  • It is labelled as a ‘3’ weight but in my opinion it’s a bit heavier.
  • It is sold in 100g balls with 160m per ball. I have previously purchased 50g balls, but these don’t seem to be available now.
  • A 4mm hook is recommended, but I think a 5mm or 6mm is ok too.
  • Ice Yarns Australia is amazingly cheap sitewide but the shipping is quite costly. I have purchased from them a few times and they have been reliable and with a very helpful Australian representative. Sometimes it does take a while though.
  • Overall this is my favourite cotton yarn for many crocheted home items.

Patterns made with this yarn:


Pure Cotton by Ice Yarns

Pure Cotton is a very soft 100% cotton yarn.

  • It is a worsted weight yarn.
  • Sold in 50g balls with 80m per ball.
  • There are 12 colours available at the moment.
  • A 4mm – 5mm hook is recommended.
  • Although this yarn is nice to crochet with, it stretches out alot!! when it’s wet, but it does bounce back nicely if tumble dried (this may cause a little shrinkage). 
  • If you have ever used it please comment below. I would be curious to know what you think.

Patterns made with this yarn:

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