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Ice Yarns 5ply Elegant Metallic Cotton

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Brighton Ombre by 4 Seasons

Brighton ombre is a cotton/acrylic blend yarn in 8 ply/dk weight .

  • It comes in 50g balls with 95m per ball.
  • A 4mm crochet hook is recommended.
  • There are 10 shades available at Spotlight although they may be clearing out. All shades come in one pack as pictured. Some stores may still have single colours in a pack.
  • Warm machine wash, but do not tumble dry.
  • This is a really nice yarn to crochet with and has a bit more slip than the all cotton.

Patterns made with this yarn:

flinders cotton yarn mauve

Flinders Cotton 8ply by 4 Seasons

Flinders 8ply %100 cotton yarn is a soft sturdy cotton in a dk weight.

  • It comes in 50g balls with 115m per ball.
  • Spotlight sells a range of 23 colours which are quite nice.
  • A 4mm crochet hook recommended.
  • You’ll find this yarn regularly on sale.
  • I’ve found warm or cold wash is fine. The label says do not tumble dry but I find tumble drying tightens up the weave after use. I wouldn’t recommend tumble drying if your concerned about any shrinkage because there will be a little, but for homewares it would generally be ok.
  • Overall I find it nice to crochet with and find it just the right weight when you want something a little lighter than the average worsted weight.

Freedom by Abbey Road

Freedom is a 100% cotton yarn in 8ply/dk weight, made for Spotlight stores.

  • It comes in 100g balls with 210m per ball.
  • A 4mm crochet hook is recommended.
  • Freedom comes in some really beautiful self striping colours with about 12 varieties to choose from.
  • Cool gentle machine wash. You can tumble dry or lay flat to dry.
  • Lovely to crochet with. Although this is an all cotton yarn, I find it tends to glide over the hook a bit easier, more like a cotton/acrylic mix.

Patterns made with this yarn :

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4 thoughts on “Cotton & Blended Yarn Reviews”

  1. Hi Wendy
    If you are looking for cotton yarns, the Fiddlesticks brand from TexYarns includes some lovely cotton yarns. They’re unmercerised, plied yarns – Posie 4ply, Wren 8ply and Finch 10ply. I’ve only used Wren so far but it is lovely to crochet with and has a wide range of colours.
    If you are wanting acrylic yarn for any reason, Superb8 is also excellent, easy to work with and non-pilling.
    (I don’t have any affiliation with Fiddlesticks or TexYarns, I just love the Wren and Superb8 yarns.
    Happy crocheting!

    1. Hi Jill,
      Thankyou for your recommendations. I have tried the Wren before and liked it also. The price is a little higher than I’m used to unfortunately. I’m always on the lookout for nice quality cotton and blends in the lower price range. I have found some nice quality yarns with Ice Yarns previously.If you would like to subscribe and stay notified, I will have some in my shop to offer soon and hoping to have some at the market also!
      I will also check out the Superb8. After using cotton predominantly it’s really nice to have an acrylic project going in between 😊
      Take care!! Wendy

  2. HI
    I don’t suppose you have any of this discontinued colour left.  It’s an aqua colour, paler than the periwinkle, and I believe the number is 803 670 78.
    Thank you
    Virginia Arnott

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