Cat Ear Beanie Crochet Pattern

crocheted using 'Alara' Yarn

Do you love the look of the ‘Cat Ear’ Beanie? Below you will find my free pattern and the link to the printable pdf which has some extra tips.

If you would like to make a different size, simply make your starting chain to fit around your head, with a multiple of 2. Add or subtract any number of rows depending on your preferences.

I have made this pattern specifically for an 8ply cotton blend yarn so it will need to be adjusted if you use an acrylic or 100% cotton yarn. As a guide, an all acrylic yarn will have more stretch and an all cotton yarn will have less. 

Cat Ear Beanie

The pdf has extra tips.

'Lorena Print' yarn (coming soon)

Yarn: 8ply/dk weight cotton blend yarn

Hook: 5mm

General Instructions

Ch2 at beginning of each row do not count as a stitch.

Pattern Instructions

Row 1

Turn and make first dc in 3rd ch from the hook. dc across


Row 2 – 14

ch2 and turn. dc in first dc and all the way across (80dc)


Fold hat in half lengthways right sides together. ch1, then ss evenly down short side.

When you get to the end of the short side, ch1 and continue to ss along the long top side of the hat.

Fasten off.


Row 1

Turn hat right side out. Put a slip knot on your hook and attach your yarn to the side seam of the open end of your hat with a ss. ch2 and create your first *fpdc around the post of the first dc. bpdc around the next dc. Repeat from * back to the first fpdc and ss to the top of it. You should end with a bpdc for a total of 80st.

Row 2 – 4

*ch2 and *fpdc around the post of the fpdc below. bpdc around the next bpdc. Repeat from * around. ss to top of the first fpdc.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

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Cat Ear Beanie Crochet Pattern
Crochet pattern for a cat ear beanie.
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Cotton Crochet Forever

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