Crochet Baby Bib with link to Free Pattern


Baby Bib

  • Beautiful little all cotton crochet baby bibs. Perfect baby shower gift or something a little bit special for you or a friends’ or relatives bub.
  • You’ll find the link to the free pattern below or scroll to the bottom for my adjustments

About the bib

  • 100% soft absorbent cotton baby yarn…perfect for those little dribbles.
  • Cool machine wash.
  • Takes up very liitle space in your baby bag. 

The bib has been crocheted using the following stitches and techniques:

  • (ch) chain
  • (mr) magic ring
  • (sc) single crochet
  • (dc) double crochet
  • (sl st) slip stitch
  • (blo) back loop only

The yarn I have used is Bella Baby Tootgarook 4ply Cotton yarn.

You’ll find the original free pattern here, and the adjustments I have made to the pattern below.

Baby Bib Adjustments

Yarn: Bella Baby Tootgarook 4ply cotton yarn

Hook: 3mm

Pattern Instructions

Row 1-9

Follow the instructions from the original pattern.


Row 10

Ch3 and turn. Working in blo for this row, dc into the same st, then *dc into the next 8st. 2dc in the next st. Repeat from * until the end of the row (90st)


Ch60 then sc into the second ch in blo all the way along the chain.

Sc along the top of the bib until you reach the end and then ch60 for the second tie. Complete as for the first tie.

Sc to the outside of the bib and complete with picot edging as per the original pattern.



Thank you and enjoy!!

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Crochet Baby Bib with link to Free Pattern
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Crochet Baby Bib with link to Free Pattern
Crochet baby bib with free link
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