God in Marriage..πŸ’


This is my husband Hansel in his natural habitat on a Sunday afternoon.

He’s a good guy πŸ™‚. It’s his desire to become a better husband, a better father and overall a more loving and unselfish human being.

This is a great thing to strive for and I’m thankful that’s the desire of his heart. I don’t make it very easy for him sometimes (alot lately). As well as being quite a selfish human myself, I’m also in that time of life where I believe many marriages would struggle… I honestly don’t even want to write it out here for some reason…maybe it’s because it seems like I’m blaming it on every bad mood or bad behaviour…


or maybe people just don’t like to talk about it. I’m not sure. Anyway I feel a bit cringey… but here we go… “menopause” or more accurately ‘perimenopause’. Ok, so that’s said and now we can move on.


So marriage is definitely a journey and if it has a solid foundation you will definitely be more likely to make it out the other side of ‘that time’ with your marriage intact… and, I’m imagining ‘better than ever’.Β 

But what makes for a ‘solid foundation’. I guess lots of people would say lots of different things. The ones I can think of off the top of my head would be… passionate love… trust… a good friendship. All these things are great!! and I want all of them, but will they get you through the hardest times in your life? I’m sure they will help, but what we really need is to be able to give that kind of love that will put the needs of someone else before ourselves even when our whole self is screaming out for something we feel we need desperately.Β 

That sounds easy doesn’t it!! 😳

Anyhow…that’s how my marriage is surviving. Because Hansel puts himself aside to try to fulfill my needs at this time and through all our hard times. I try, but he’s better at it than I am.

But before you start thinking he is some type of super-human… he’s not.

He’s just a man who has come to trust more in who God is and what the bible says about Him (God).Β 

We all need Jesus

Redemption ChurchΒ is a great way to find out more about Him. You can listen to theΒ sermon podcasts or come for a visit if you are in the Ringwood East area. Of course, there are lots of other good, bible believing churches out there… I’m just giving this one a plug because it’s mine and I love it 😊.Β 

Learn more about theΒ gospel message.


Just a disclaimer βœ‹ It is Father’s Day, so Hansel is not in the kitchen today. I should be, so need to go asap!!

Happy Father’s Day honey 😘

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