10 Free Crochet Hat Patterns for 8ply/dk Cotton & Blended Yarns

Photo courtesy of ravelry.com

Cotton crochet hats are the perfect accessory for spring and summer. They are ideal to keep your head cool and protected from the sun.


Choose the style you desire and your favourite colors and you’ll have the perfect hat suited just for you.


One of the best things about cotton crochet hats is their breathability. Cotton allows air to circulate through the hat, keeping your head cool and comfortable.


This makes them ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, or just chilling at the beach.


You can make your hat simple or customize with embellishments such as flowers, ribbons, or pom-poms.


Overall, cotton crochet hats are a must-have accessory for any spring or summer wardrobe. 


Please enjoy the 10 free crochet hat patterns below…perfectly suited to any dk weight/8ply cotton or blended yarns.

Ms Summers Bucket Hat

pale pink crochet bucket hat with blue granny squares
Photo courtesy of ravelry.com

Designer: Komal Raj


US Terminology

Stitches used: Basic stitches +  sc2tog

Size: Adult size pattern.

The hat is approximately  21cm/8″ in height and 64cm/25″ in circumference.


  • Six granny squares are worked separately.
  • Then join all the squares so that it makes a ring.
  • Next the crown on top of the granny squares.
  • And finally the hat brim.

Free Pattern

3 baby sun hats
photo courtesy of crochetncreate.com

Designer: Crochet ‘n’ Create


UK & US Terminology

Stitches used: Basic stitches only.


0 – 3 mths

3 – 6 mths

6 – 12 mths


  • This is a great simple pattern with loads of extra information.


Free Pattern

black crochet hat
photo courtesy of ravely.com

Designer: Love Aly


UK Terminology

Stitches used: basic stitches only.

Size: adaptable


  • such a simple and cute design!!


Free Pattern

crochet cloche
Photo courtesy of ravelry.com

Designer: Merri Purdy



US Terminology

Stitches used: Basic stitches + hdc inc , feather st , sc3l 

Size: Adult

22″ head circumference

  • This pattern has an optional sun hat brim.
  • Nice explanations for this great looking beanie.

Free Pattern

White crochet sun hat with blue band
Photo courtesy of ravelry.com

Designer: Kinga Erdem


US Terminology

Stitches used: basic stitches + hdc-v , 

Size: Adult woman

S/M – 54-56 cm head circumference


  • This is a lovely sun hat with an optional braid for the brim. Change the colours to match your outfit!!
  • Use fabric stiffener for a firmer brim.


Free Pattern

cream crochet slouch hat
Photo courtesy of ravelry.com

Designer: Brittney Waterhouse


US Terminology

Stitches used: Basic stitches + 3dc shell , 4dc shell , 5dc shell , v stitch

Size: Adult


  • Feminine lacy stitch pattern. Love it!!


Free Pattern

yellow crochet mandala beanie
Photo courtesy of crochet.com

Designer: Alla Koval


US Terminology

Stitches used: basic stitches + popcorn , dc2tog , dc3tog , reverse sc


22″ circumference

  • Inspired by the cheerful daisy, this mandala beanie is crocheted in rounds.
  • Add some extra style by adding a contrasting border.


Free Pattern

burgundy crochet slouch hat
Photo courtesy of elkstudiohandcraftedcrochetdesigns.com

Designer: Kathy Lashley


US Terminology

Stitches used: Basic stitches + 3dc puff stitch


approximately 22″

  • Great open weave stitch pattern…perfect for spring and summer.


Free Pattern

red crochet bucket hat
Photo courtesy of ravelry.com

Designer: Sirdar


UK Terminology

Stitches used: Basic stitches only



  • Great classic crochet bucket hat pattern.
  • Would look gorgeous in solid and variegated colours.


Free Pattern

pretty pink crochet cloche
Photo courtesy of garnstudio.com

Designer: Drops Design


US Terminology

Stitches used: Basic stitches + crochet diagram reading skills


  • This is such a pretty stitch pattern!
  • This pattern is a combination of written instructions and a diagram. If you don’t generally use diagram patterns, challenge yourself now…this one looks worth it 😊 
  • There is extra help on the pattern page.



Free Pattern

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