100% Cotton Washcloths with free crochet patterns🫧


Let’s talk about crochet cotton washcloths.

Cotton washcloths are one of my most popular items! For your face, your body, even your countertops.

  • Once you’ve used them, you won’t want to go back to your standard store bought variety of washers or kitchen cloths. 
  • They have great texture that feels so nice on your skin and you just know they are cleaning you really well.
  • Especially nice on the face, giving that fresh, clean feel.
  • They are amazing on counter tops!! With just warm water, they get rid of greasy residue really well. Even on the stove, fat is easy to clean up without any extra cleaning liquids…

I will never go back to anything other than cotton for the kitchen ✨.

What I have

  • I make and sell a variety of cotton cloths that are for the most part useable for either face, body or your countertops ( preferably one or the other is best 🙂 )
  • The prettier they are the more likely you will prefer to use them in the bathroom or gift them.
  • You will find a number of variations in my store. Alternatively you can click on the pictures which will take you to the listing.
  • The cloths are different yarns but are all 100% cotton so in general can be laundered in the same way… warm or cold machine wash.
  • I like to tumble dry even though there may be a little shrinkage.
  • The cloths made out of the softer cottons will stretch out more when wet, and have been recommended as face cloths rather than kitchen.
  • The free pattern for the cloths pictured at the top left can be found here. I’m not sure what the actual stitch is called, it’s like a chunky moss stitch. If anyone can enlighten me, please drop a comment below ⬇️ The yarn I have used is called ‘Mona Lisa‘ by Ice Yarns. 
  • I have used Lily Sugar/n Cream in Faded Denim for the cloths shown in the top right picture and it is crocheted in a simple double crochet stitch. Pattern yet to be found! 😬
  • The above left cloth is waffle stitch and is made with the same ‘Mona Lisa’ yarn as are the cloths pictured at the end. You can find the free pattern I used here  and the ones at the end at KnitPicks
  • The cloths in the second picture are crocheted with moss stitch and are made using Ice Yarns ‘Pure Cotton‘ worsted weight cotton. This yarn is super soft for a cotton and stretches out quite a bit when it’s wet. I highly recommend tumble drying this one so it bounces back nicely (unless of course a bit of shrinkage matters).
  •  The cloths in the third picture are crocheted in suzette stitch. You can find the free pattern here. They were made using KnitPicks Dishie yarn.

Ice Yarns Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is a lovely 100% cotton yarn which was in a variety of beautiful colours, but it seems like they have not many variations left. So sad…i’m nearly out 🙁. If you know anywhere that sells this at a reasonable cost please comment below ⬇️ I would love to purchase some more.
  • It is labelled as a ‘3’ weight but in my opinion it’s a bit heavier.
  • It is sold in 100g balls with 160m per ball. I have previously purchased 50g balls, but these don’t seem to be available now.
  • A 4mm hook is recommended, but I think a 5mm or 6mm is ok too.
  • Ice Yarns Australia is amazingly cheap sitewide but the shipping is quite costly. I have purchased from them a few times and they have been reliable and with a very helpful Australian representative. Sometimes it does take a while though.
  • Overall this is my favourite cotton yarn for many crocheted home items.

Ice Yarns Pure Cotton

Pure Cotton is a very soft 100% cotton yarn.

  • It is a worsted weight yarn.
  • Sold in 50g balls with 80m per ball.
  • There are 12 colours available at the moment.
  • A 4mm – 5mm hook is recommended.
  • Although this yarn is nice to crochet with, I don’t like the way it behaves when it’s wet. If you have ever used it please comment below ⬇️ I would be curious to know what you think.

KnitPicks Dishie

Dishie is a sturdy 100% cotton yarn ideal for homewares.

  • This is a worsted weight yarn.
  • Sold in 100g balls with 190m per ball.
  • There is a whopping!! 36 solid colours to choose from with a Dishie Twist and Dishie Multi variety as well as assorted value packs to buy.
  • A 5.5mm to 6.5mm hook is recommended.
  • This yarn isn’t the softest I have used in cottons, but it does crochet up nicely.
  • A cold wash and low tumble dry is recommended.
  • I have purchased from KnitPicks website and find them reliable.


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100% Cotton Washcloths with free crochet pattern
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100% Cotton Washcloths with free crochet pattern
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