Cotton Pet Bandana with link to free crochet pattern 🐾


This is Violet. As you can see she’s a little nervous, but she is the only household member willing to show their face to display my beautiful pet bandanas .

This is the first ever Item I decided to make and sell online, and ironically I’ve only sold to family and friends (yay family and friends for your support!!) If they had not bought it, I would probably not have continued…so thank you 

Violet’s bandana is made from 100% cotton so it won’t make her hot and sweaty, and has a button and loop closure so it’s easy to do up and undo, or you can just slip it over her head. I’ve made these from small to large and you can even put them on your kitty.

staffy in blue and yellow pet bandanas


This is Violet’s cousin Manny. He looks much more sure of himself and is also pretty cute in his bandana.

You can purchase one here.(the bandana…not the kitty)

It can be easily washed in warm or cold water. I have tumble dried, and while there is slight shrinkage, I find it helps the yarn bounce back nicely.

I look forward to any comments/suggestions or questions.

ginger cat in green and orange pet bandanas

You can find the original free pattern here that I have made adjustments to, to suit the different sizes and colours desired. 

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Cotton Pet Bandana with link to free crochet pattern
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Cotton Pet Bandana with link to free crochet pattern
Short article about pet bandanas. Own one or make your own with a free crochet pattern.
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Cotton Crochet Forever
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